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Hot, Holy & Humorous

J. Parker, Christian intimacy author and speaker, has a mission to reclaim sexuality for our marriages as God intended. Thus, her tag line: Sex & Marriage by God’s Design. She wholeheartedly believes that sex is a significant part, and perk, of a godly marriage. She wants to help others experience the best sexual intimacy in their marriage they can have, and that comes through believing, pursuing, and experiencing sex as God created it to be.

Love Hope Adventure

Helping you go deeper in marriage through communication & sexual intimacy. The site includes bedroom games for married couples, tips on spicing up the marriage bed, date ideas and more!

The Forgiven Wife

The mission of The Forgiven Wife is to encourage Christian wives as they work to grow in their approach to sexual intimacy in their marriages. After 20 years of restricting the sex life in her marriage, Chris has learned to dance with desire and enjoy the full intimacy that comes with passionate and joyful sex with her husband.

Bonny's Oysterbed7

Hi, I’m Bonny.  You’ll find understanding here for your struggle with sexual intimacy in marriage because I struggle, too. Whether your low sex drive is from a physical or emotional place, you’lI find gentle encouragment to consider the many dimensions of desire. 

The XY Code

What would happen if you gained a better understanding of his mind, his emotions, his drives and desires? At the very least, a few misunderstandings would vanish without any effort on anyone’s part. If skillfully applied, what you learn could help you see even greater changes. You could learn ways to communicate that were more likely to be heard and understood. You would discover ways to avoid or minimise certain problems. You would be more likely to get what you need from him, and you would be better able to give him what he wants. This blog is not about fixing you… or him. Better understanding leads to a better marriage, and a better marriage should lead to positive changes in both of you – which will make your marriage even better.

Virtuous Weddings

Virtuous Weddings is a Christian wedding planning and home planning website where marriage is a covenant relationship, weddings are lovely and pure, wedding dresses are modest, families are important, wives are homemakers, husbands are burden-bearers, and there is more to getting married than having a big party.

Virtuous Weddings provides ideas, inspiration, tips, tools, and more, all within the context of a refreshing wedding planning and home planning experience!

My Beloved is Mine!

Who are we? A couple who have been through the fires of hell in our marriage journey, and finally learned that submitting ourselves to God’s plan was the key to an awesome marriage. In addition to many other marital trials, we are also adultery survivors. Yes, we bear witness to the fact that a marriage CAN survive – and even be far better than it ever was before – IF you are both willing to do the hard work of forgiving, and rebuilding the trust that was broken. We give 100 percent of the credit for saving our marriage to Jesus Christ, our Savior.

Circle with Disney

Circle pairs wirelessly with your home Wi-Fi and allows you to manage every device on your network. Using the Circle app, families can create unique profiles for each family member. Set individual filter levels for each family member that matches their age and interests. Do it once and it will apply to every one of their devices. Learn More

Covenant Eyes

Porn thrives on shame and secrets. Covenant Eyes' Internet Accountability Service is designed to help you overcome porn by monitoring your Internet activity and sending a Report to a trusted friend who holds you accountable for your online choices. Visit Site

Touchstone Essentials

Organic Supplements & Plant-Based Nutrition

We didn’t start out thinking of ourselves as rebels. But it turns out that demanding organic, clean, natural ingredients for supplements is a revolutionary act.