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Merry Christmas from Honoring Intimates!

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Passion without perversion.

As a Christian company, Honoring Intimates is dedicated to bringing the fun back to God's gift of the marriage bed. We do this by offering gorgeous lingerie, men’s shirts and silk boxers, high-tech marital aid devices, as well as organic lubricants/lotions/oils through our nudity-free website. Besides these offerings, desiring to see Christian marriages thrive, Honoring Intimates offers a variety of resources on marriage and sex via our BlogRecommended Reading, Recommended Websites and FAQ pages. In the end, our motto says it all, “Honor God. Honor your spouse. Enjoy the gift.”

Honor God.

Honoring Intimates seeks to glorify God by providing products and resources that encourage Christ-honoring passion in the marriage bed. Our hope is that these offerings, coupled with biblical truths such as the example of marital fun and fulfillment found in the Song of Solomon, will assist our customers in building a solid and exciting union that will lead to stronger families and marriages - even those in their Golden Years! 


Invigorate the Marriage Bed!


Honor your spouse.

As our goal is to edify the marriage bed in a fun and Christ-honoring way, Honoring Intimates provides products that are spicy without being naughty. As such, we do not sell products related to bondage, and we do not use perverse images to display our hand-selected items. Our site is not only safe for work, it is safe to browse and share without shame!


Lingerie subscription just $19.99 per month!


Enjoy the gift!

Marriage and the marriage bed is an incredible gift from God. Desiring to strengthen and enhance this union, Honoring Intimates has hand-selected gorgeous lingerie, as well as the highest quality organic lubricants, lotions and oils. Through these offerings, as well as our free resources, we hope that our fellow Christians will come to fully enjoy God's gift of marital intimacy!