Why we started Honoring Intimates...

The Bible makes it clear that marital intimacy between a husband and wife is truly a gift from God. That said, couples that shop for lingerie together are often bombarded with inappropriate images - leading many to either be exposed to this imagery, or completely avoiding any kind of fun in their blessed bedroom! 

Acknowledging this dilemma, Honoring Intimates was established to be a safe place for believers to learn about marital sex and shop for the highest quality lingerie and intimacy items. As protecting your mind is as important as strengthening your marriage, there are no inappropriate images on the Honoring Intimates site and we use mannequins to display our lingerie. In addition, prior to shipping, we remove unseemly manufacturer tags and instead include our own tag with a verse from the Song of Solomon. We do this because we want our customers to have no fear as they seek to enhance marital bliss!