Suggested Apps


Ultimate Intimacy

Ultimate Intimacy and has helped tens of thousands of couples!

- UI is an amazing, romantic, and fun bedroom game for couples to experience their intimacy at a new deeper level. It is completely customizable for the comfort level of the couple, and includes your personal name, timer amount to your choosing, 4 different sections (romance, light foreplay, heavy foreplay, and hot & heavy) and fabulous new ideas for fun in the bedroom. 

- UI has an incredible resource section has many articles written by sex and marriage therapists to help couples understand each others anatomy and techniques in the bedroom.

- UI also offers many articles on communication, romantic ideas, tips for happy marriages, and what healthy sex is.

- UI includes great date ideas and ways to spice up the relationship.

- UI helps couples communicate with each other better by providing questions and topics to discuss. 

- UI also includes passcode for phone, day and night settings, as well as a product store.

- UI is a Christian-friendly app with no nudity, and is written professionally and appropriately. The game has been tested by many couples and the response and feedback has been is incredible.

The app can be used on Apple and Android devices and found in the App Store.