10 At-Home Date Night Ideas

Having trouble getting out for a date night? Check out this guest post by Bonnie Way of The Koala Mom with some great tips for a stay-at-home date!


Spending time with your spouse is an important way to nourish your relationship. However, after the kids arrive, getting out for a date night can be hard. If you can’t get a babysitter, try these fun at-home date night ideas instead!

Board Games!

Board Games!

1. Board Games

Two-player board games can be an exciting, interesting way to spend the evening together! You’ll learn more about your spouse and match wits against each other. (Just don’t get too competitive!) Add some extra challenge to the game by deciding that the loser will give the winner a back rub or complete a household chore. Check out my list of board games for two players to get started.

2. Movie Night

Yes, this is an old fall-back for at-home dates, but don’t stop with just watching the movie. Canadian and American researchers found that couples who watched movies about long-term marriage relationships and discussed them increased their overall marriage happiness and decreased their chances of divorce.

Look for marriage relationships in your favourite TV shows or movies. For example, some of my favourite movie marriages are Shrek and Fiona in the Shrek movies. After watching the movie or TV show, discuss the relationship. What did the couple do right? What did the couple do wrong? How did they handle disagreements or conflicts?

3. Puzzle Over It

Get Your Snack On!

Get Your Snack On!

Puzzles are a quiet, reflective activity that pair well with a bottle of wine and some conversation. You can simply enjoy each other’s company or you can talk in a relaxed, non-threatening manner. Sometimes, it’s easier to discuss what’s going on in your life without facing each other, or with pauses to ask for a puzzle piece to keep the conversation light. You can also turn on some music or an audiobook to listen to together while puzzling.

4. Learn Something New

The internet is a wealth of information! Take an online course together on a topic that interests you, or simply YouTube information to find what you want. You could do cooking classes, art classes, couples massage classes, and more! Learn about wine and cheese pairings, making bread, home renovation projects, or history or literature.

5. Walk the Runway

Dress up for each other! Maybe each of you could pick a few outfits for the other to wear. Or one spouse could choose some surprises to wear for the other spouse. This could be a fun excuse to pull out that formal wear you haven’t worn for a long time (looking at you, wedding dress!) or show off some new lingerie (make sure the kids really are asleep!).

6. Workout Together

Get sweaty together! You can help each other reach your fitness goals by working out together. Find at-home workouts on YouTube, at your library, or on demand. For fun, you can look up couples workouts on YouTube (some are worth a laugh, and most are well beyond the physical abilities of my husband and I !). After your workout, jump in the shower together.

7. Share Your Memories

Pull out an old photo album and relive your relationship. Tell your memories of those events from your dating days, wedding, honeymoon, or early years together. You may be surprised at what your spouse remembers! You’ll likely learn something new about your beloved. (If you don’t have photo albums, change that! Work on a digital photobook together or do it as a gift for your spouse. Your memories are worth printing and sharing!)

8. Get Your Snack On

Plan a slow meal to savor together. Plan a fondue (chocolate, cheese or savoury) and sit close together while you dip and eat your food (or dip and feed your spouse!). Put together a cheese or charcuterie tray to sample. Try pairing wine or beer with cheese or other foods. Or just pick up a ready-to-eat meal at your local grocery store to enjoy together without any effort!

Dance It Out!

Dance It Out!

9. Dance It Out

Turn on your favourite music and make the living room your dance floor. You could dance to a playlist of your favourite tunes or look for some new groovy music.

10. Dream Together

Get out a notebook or piece of paper and dream together. You could set goals for what you want to be doing in 5 or 10 years. Or you could make the sky the limit, and talk about what you’d like to do if money and time weren’t obstacles. Where would you live? Would you travel? How would you eat?

Listen to your partner’s dreams, no matter how big or small or outlandish, and affirm them (even if they will likely never happen). You’ll learn about your spouse… and maybe you can make one dream a reality for a birthday or Christmas present!

Bonnie Way met her husband on their first day of university. They were “just friends” for three years before they started dating (but all their friends knew they liked each other). They have been married for 12 years and have lived in 2 different provinces and 8 different homes. Bonnie is a stay-at-home mom to their five children. They enjoy watching movies, hiking and rearranging their home together.