The Problems with Christian Lingerie

In three weeks, my husband and I celebrate our 12th anniversary. As I reminisce on our newlywed days, it is impossible to forget the challenges we faced in first picking out lingerie over a decade ago. These are just some of the issues we ran into:


1. Plain, boring sleepwear. When I got married, some of my amazing friends gave gifts of lingerie, but most of the pieces were just sleepwear - not sexy lingerie to bring fun and build romance. 

2. False standards of beauty. After the wedding, my husband and I ventured out for lingerie, only to encounter nudity and false beauty standards splattered across the walls at the local chain. In the end, I didn't buy anything because I was so uncomfortable. At this point, we began looking for Christian lingerie sources.

3. Poor quality. As we began our search, we came across one of the only Christian lingerie sites that was around in 2006. I ended up picking out a white, lacy babydoll. When it arrived, it was basically just elastic and lace, making it scratchy and uncomfortable...definitely not a good addition to the marriage bed!

4. High prices. As then, even now, a majority of the options for purchasing lingerie without encountering nudity are out of the price range that most couples can afford!

So, what is the solution? Our hope with Honoring Intimates is that it can be a place for buying lingerie and other romance products for the marriage bed without the headache!



Honor God. Honor Your Spouse. Enjoy the Gift!