Optimizing the Vibratex Magic Wand Experience

The Vibratex Magic Wand is one of the most powerful romantic devices on the market. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when you use it for the marriage bed:

  1. It is not waterproof! Since the Magic Wand can get damaged by water, we recommend wiping it gently with a damp cloth after use, then sanitizing it with Sliquid Device Cleaner.

  2. It is extremely powerful. For clitoral massage, we suggest starting on the lowest intensity and gradually increasing over a couple of minutes.

  3. It can be used for a variety of sexual positions. The Magic Wand is a powerful clitoral massager that can simultaneously stimulate the husband during intercourse. Try it in various positions to see what works best!

  4. When used with a pillow, the Vibratex Magic Wand can work even more effectively. Suggested positions are: a. wife on her side with the top knee outstretched over a pillow (husband on top) or b. wife on her back with husband at the end of a pillow.

  5. It is powerful enough to use as a total body massager! Use it on the highest intensity level for an incredible, full-body massage.

  6. Be sure to plug it in before romance so it is ready to go!

UVee Home Play Large

UVee Home Play Large

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