Chronic Pain and Sexual Intimacy

One of the issues that we hear frequently from married couples relates to chronic pain and intimacy. The impact of chronic pain can be huge - leading to severe challenges in a couple's sexual interaction. Here are some of the tips that we suggest for thriving in spite of pain:

1. Use a good lubricant. Dryness can occur as a result of autoimmune disorders, aging, pregnancy/post-pregnancy changes and for other health-related reasons. Use a lubricant with good ingredients or even just grab a spoonful of organic, cold-pressed coconut oil! 

2. Incorporate massage. Massage can ease the muscles and help increase endorphins. In some cases, endorphins can help bring both partners to a relaxing, enjoyable place.

3. If male sexual issues are involved, such as erectile/ejaculatory dysfunction, consider incorporating a romantic device. The Pulse III Duo is great for erectile issues, while the Lelo Hugo massages the prostate, which can often help with ejaculatory problems.


4. If a woman's anatomy has changed post-childbirth (or if she has never been able to achieve an orgasm), consider a gentle clitoral massage device such as the We-Vibe Gala or We-Vibe sync. These can work wonders for increasing endorphins! For a more intense clitoral massage, consider the Magic Wand.

5. Try getting romantic earlier in the day. For those suffering with chronic pain, it may be easier and more enjoyable to start with morning intimacy. 

And if there are seasons where it is too difficult overall for intercourse, consider other ways to connect sexually (the JO Organic Strawberry lubricant is a great addition for oral pleasure). 


Honor God. Honor Your Spouse. Enjoy the gift!