Christian Sex: Finding Answers Between Two Extremes


In a world where over half of teens are sexting, 51% of pastors are looking at pornography, and society can’t decide what gender signs should go over a restroom, it is challenging to know what God intended for sex. In searching for answers, many Christians either turn too liberal or too conservative in their approaches to marital sexuality.


On the liberal side, many Christians have come to justify the sexual dysfunction and sin showed on popular films like “Fifty Shades of Grey” and “Magic Mike.” While the views of sex presented in mainstream media may seem exciting and thrilling, ultimately, welcoming sexual sin into our thoughts and lives just causes pain and suffering. This is evidenced by the high rate of divorce in our modern era.


For the more conservative Christians, husbands and wives may think it unacceptable to stray from even one sexual position  – never experiencing the joy and excitement that is truly God’s best for marital intimacy. They don’t know how to initiate sex or what is “allowed” in the marriage bed. This typically leaves one (or both) partners unsatisfied and longing for more – resulting in pain, sin and overall rejection.


Honoring Intimates exists to clarify the biblical truth between these two ideals by bringing passion and moral excellence to marital intimacy. Through hand-selected, alluring lingerie - displayed without nudity on mannequins - as well as the most advanced intimacy products on the market, we hope to bring honor and fun to the marriage bed. In addition, we will be providing resources and articles to answer the tough questions like, “How often should my spouse and I have sex?” “What is permissible and not permissible according to the Bible?” and “How can I better please my spouse?”


We understand that incorporating lingerie, romance or assistive devices, and lubricants may be revolutionary concepts to some Christians. As such, we encourage husbands and wives to discuss their comfort levels – and, in particular, be vulnerable as they explore one another in marital intimacy. A joy-filled marriage is more likely to endure the test of time!


Honor God. Honor your spouse. Enjoy the gift!



“Let marriage be held in honor among all, and let the marriage bed be undefiled”

- Hebrews 13:4a