Initiating Sex with Your Spouse

Initiating sex can sometimes be a challenge for a husband or a wife. If a partner is not comfortable expressing such desires, feelings can get hurt and a pattern of bitterness can form. One way to initiate sex very simply is to prepare the bedroom space (and yourself) for intimacy.  Some simple tips are:


1.    Use a salt lamp, flame-less candles, Christmas lights or other romantic lighting to set the mood. Turn these on before your spouse comes in for the night.

2.    For the women - shower and put on lingerie. This may only stay put for a minute or two, but it shows you put that extra effort into expressing your desire. It will also make you feel more attractive!

3.    Clean the bedroom and prepare the bed for romance. Put out lubricant, massage oils and a romantic device to set the scene.

4.    Above all else, have fun…because a God-honoring marriage should bring joy and pleasure!


Honor God. Honor Your Spouse. Enjoy the gift!